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Educational Gift Guide for Older Kids: Inspiring Learning Through Thoughtful Presents

December 15, 2023
December 15, 2023

The holidays are swiftly approaching, and you’re beginning to wonder what to gift your child. Given that the average screen time of children ages 8 to 10 is six hours a day, you may not want to buy them another electronic or video game that you know isn’t benefiting their learning and growth. And at this age, your child might have outgrown dolls, cars, and blocks. 

Then you have your parents and other extended family members calling you asking what they should gift your child, and you’re unsure what to tell them. You start researching and go down rabbit holes, thinking, “But will my child like this item or ever use it?” 

You may have even asked other parents for support and asked what they are thinking of buying, but their idea well is just as dry as yours. 

Don’t worry. Best in Class Education Center has your back! We’ve put together the perfect solution for you—an educational gift guide for older kids to turn present selection from dreadful to delightful. Keep reading for unique ideas sure to spark joy and learning for children, and feel free to pass along the link to this guide to help your family and friends land on great gift ideas. 

Whether you want to ditch electronics as gifts altogether or purchase electronics that will ignite a learning fire, here are 5 educational gift ideas. 

For the Creative Kiddo

  1. DoodleCrate: Inspiring Kids to Create These fun and inspiring gift subscription boxes are delivered monthly so your learner has something to look forward to every month. They might even want to share the activities with you! Keep the learning going all year long, even in the summer when it can be challenging to keep them engaged!  

For the Budding Scientist or Engineer 

  1.  Snap Circuits: Electronics Exploration Kit With snap circuits, kids can come back to them day after day to create new electronic circuits—a gift that keeps on giving, yes, please! 

For the Tech-Loving Child

  1. Wonder Workshop Dash – Coding Robot Using apps that work with their robot, tech-loving kids can learn coding concepts like sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables through self-directed play and guided challenges. Children can program the robot to perform many functions, such as singing, dancing, navigating obstacles, responding to voice commands, and performing in ways that solve in-app challenges. This electronic is one toy that will offer endless exploration.

For the Adventure-Seeker 

  1. Little Passports, World Edition Your learner will want to buckle up for this one! Little Passports allows kids to visit places like Australia, China, and Italy right from home by receiving monthly subscription boxes. These boxes are filled with toys, souvenirs, collectible country coins, letters from pen pals, activity sheets, and online extras—a great gift to expose learners to other cultures and pique their curiosity.

For the Bookworm

  1. Puffin Classics Box Set This set includes six classic children’s novels. Your learner will love snuggling up and reading some of the most sophisticated and timeless novels. Pair this set with a fun reading light or bean bag, and your child will be set to conquer their classroom’s reading challenge! 

Best in Class wants to help older children discover the joy of learning this season. 

Our educational gift guide for older children can help you confidently embark on your journey for the perfect gift for your child or offer great suggestions to extended family! 

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