SAT Test Prep

Get a competitive edge over other college applicants in entering the college of your choice!

Our SAT course will help give you the tools and practice you need to improve your SAT scores. Many of our students gain acceptance into some of the most prestigious universities in the United States such as the University of Washington, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Duke, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, etc.

Test Prep Learning Objectives

  • Immediately build a strong and useful SAT vocabulary.
  • Develop useful and practical strategies for successful sentence completion and critical reading.
  • Read efficiently under time constraints.
  • Identify clue, trigger, fluff, identifier, and other key words.
  • Identify sentence errors and improve sentences.
  • Improve paragraphs and essay writing.
  • Develop effective and non-stressful test-taking strategies.
  • Be able to know when to skip or guess at a question.
  • Analyze and break down SAT problems.

Class Activities

  • Applying learning assignments on verbal/math practice test sets (drills) and quizzes
  • Review and discussion of test techniques
  • Practical concept applications
  • As time permits, college admission hints, resume building, and identifying web and other learning resources
  • Homework on practice tests and essays

Our test prep course includes:

  • Over 2000 practice questions, in addition to numerous simulated SAT exams, which will help you to improve in every aspect of the exam.
  • 56 hours* of test preparation that will drill you for each type of question on the SAT.
  • Repeated weekly SAT practice questions, so realistic that the real thing won’t faze you at all!
  • Course curriculum designed to be methodical in content and approach.
  • Our small class allows intensive learning.

Take this course to:

  • Strengthen your mathematical and verbal skills plus your exam-taking savvy.
  • Advance your abilities in reading comprehension, vocabulary, sentence completion, grammar and essay writing.

Private Lesson (1-on-1): 
14 lessons - 1 hour Math and 1.5 hours English (critical reading and writing)
Fee: $1850

Private Lesson (1-to-2): 
14 lessons - 1 hour Math and 1.5 hours English (critical reading and writing)
Fee: $1350

Group Lesson: (6 to 10 students)
14 lessons - 1.5 hours Math and 2.5 hours English (critical reading and writing)
Fee: $1100

Books and materials: $100

Please contact one of our locations for exact tuition fees and discounts. Prices may vary slightly depending on the center.