2014 Best in Class Math Competition was a Huge Success

The second annual Best in Class Math Competition was as fun-filled and exciting as ever! The competition was filled with surprises as over one hundred students from Best in Class’ Washington state centers competed for first prize. Showing off their hard-earned mathematics skills, students strove to win a Best in Class Math Competition Trophy. Students arrived at the competition eager, excited, and of course, a little nervous to take the written test in the first round. While students vigorously calculated and problem solved, family and friends got the opportunity to meet with local affiliates and sponsors.

After-School Program for Elementary School Students

We offer an affordable and high quality after-school program at select locations for elementary school students. This is an excellent alternative to childcare or daycare. Our after-school program provides homework help and academic enrichment (English, math, and test preparation).  Students will also have the opportunity to explore science, play board games, build character, leadership, study skills, and much more.

Our after-school program provides a healthy learning environment and offers your children safe, fun, and educational surroundings. Your children will have time to learn and grow while making your busy life a little bit easier. We can help save time for you by ensuring that your children complete their daily homework and have the opportunity to participate in enriching programs.