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Create Memorable Moments: Connect with Your Child This Holiday Season

December 29, 2023
December 29, 2023

The holiday season is here, and your family’s calendar is filling up rapidly. Between holiday travel, office holiday parties, and elementary school musicals, you’ll spend hours over the next several weeks planning outfits, shopping for gifts, and getting your home holiday-ready. With so much buzzing, you’re also wondering how to stay connected with your kids during this busy season. 

Say no more! Here are a few ways to connect with your child this holiday season. 

Set Tech-Free Time

Between iPads and Netflix, children have a lot of options when it comes to screen time. Yes, some screen time can be a valuable tool to keep kids occupied while you wrap presents or make other preparations. But don’t forget to spend intentional screen-free time with your child. 

Having trouble getting them to put their devices away? Try scheduling tech-free time daily—start with smaller increments and build up. But chances are, when you pull out a fun craft, offer to bake and decorate cookies, or make a date to go shopping for a local toy drive, your child will find the time with you much more rewarding than their tech devices. 

Watch Your Holiday Faves

We know—we just said to spend less time on screens. But if you’re going to watch television, why not take the opportunity to connect with your family? Many Christmas classics are streaming, so plan a cozy movie night with the whole family. When you spend time together, your favorite Christmas movies will have even more meaning. 

Cook Favorite Meals Together

The holidays are the perfect time to break out your festive aprons, gather in the kitchen, and blast timeless holiday classics. If your children are very young or new to cooking, start with side dishes or family-treasured recipes. You could also teach your child one skill at a time, such as measuring, pouring, or mixing. However you choose to do it, this will become a warm memory your child won’t soon forget! 

Take Family Photos

Whether your family gets a kick out of wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, matching pajamas, or a more formal look, you’ll never regret taking family photos this holiday season. Yes, photos require extra planning, coordinating, and cooperation from your children—but if you can manage it, you’ll be glad to look back on them when they are grown. If you choose to DIY your photos instead of finding a professional photographer, set up a tripod for your phone, and give your child the opportunity to direct and take a few shots. Your family will undoubtedly share some good laughs while getting shots to commemorate the season.

Take Turns Reading and Telling Stories

Holiday movies are always big hits, but there are some fantastic books, too! Whatever your faith, culture, or holiday traditions, there are a variety of books that can help you teach your child about your family’s values. But you don’t have to limit yourselves to books. Tell your children what the holidays were like when you were growing up. Your children may be more interested than you think, and you might spark memorable and meaningful conversations. 

Make a Memory Jar

It may be hard to believe, but another whole year has come and gone. While you’re hanging out in your matching family pajamas, why not make a memory jar? Fill it with your favorite holiday memories (or moments from the year). On New Year’s Eve, empty the jar and read what everyone wrote! You’ll have a great time traveling down memory lane and discovering more about your children. 

Make Plans and Goals

What do your children want to do next year? Do they have any big goals? With New Year’s Eve on the horizon, it’s a great time to ask your children what they’re looking forward to and what they’d like to improve. In addition to individual goals, consider making family goals, such as spending 1000 hours outside or reading 100 books

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